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Wonderwall (1967)
One time, I was in line to take my senior pictures in high school, right? As I was standing there, I saw a girl and two guys looking my way while they were talking. I glanced over because I was getting paranoid that they were making fun of me, but the girl asked me my name and said, “I’m sorry we were looking at you but your hair and makeup looks so pretty!” I was completely shocked considering I had been made fun of all year long and that was one of the first times someone said something nice to me at that school.That was the day I learned that not everyone who looks at you while smiling is making fun of you and sometimes, people actually DO think you’re pretty.



Today’s picture for invisible illness is a personal one. This is one of about 30 notes that my friend has received since using her handicapped placard. I’m going to say this to you, have you ever seen someone get out of a car parked in a handicapped space and said to yourself “they look too young or they don’t look disabled.” I’m going to go with yes you have, because we all have at one time. I can’t remember doing it, but before I understood the difficulties of invisible illness when I was younger I probably did. Let me ask you this though, when you had that thought was it because you knew with 100% certainty that they weren’t handicapped or did you assume that because of their age and/or not seeing a cane, walker or wheelchair? All I’m asking is that we stop and think when we someone need a mobility aid, park in a handicapped space or say they are disabled that we remember this “DISABILITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AGE OR APPEARNACE.” #spoonie #invisibleillness #disability #chronicillness #rheumatoidarthritis #lupus #fibromyalgia #myofascialpainsyndrome

If nothing else, this post needs to be seen around the internet more. This harassment is not okay and no one should have to deal with it on top of having an invisible illness. This is just another form of anonymous bullying to add to the internet bullying these TROLLS are capable of.
If you are healthy, please reblog.If you are sick, please reblog.If you have a disability, please reblog.If you have an invisible illness, please reblog.If you know someone with a disability, please reblog.If you are a human being, please reblog.Let’s spread the word and help those of us that may not look like it. 
Ignorance isn’t bliss, ignorance is ignorance. 

I never thought about this wow

“White trash” lol. So much for that tolerance these days. 





I’ve seen so much bullshit about “men have it worse cause male circumcision is accepted”. Um, female circumcision and male circumcision aren’t comparable. If male circumcision cuts down on sex drive and pleasure GOOD do it more rather than less. That means we’ll have less cases of rape.

I’ve seen piles of dog shit smarter and more likeable than you.

My cat’s litter box has more quality than OPs post


The only way people like this have survived so long is because in this country, they’re sheltered and protected.


Ophelia (Venus Version) by ValerieVenus

Elephant Hawk moth (already sold) #elephanthawkmoth #hawkmoth #curio #moth #entomology #macabreart #macabre #specimen #victoriana

The Fairy Ring

"Departure", 2013 by Cory Benhatzel